Happy New Year! Year of the Earth Dog 2018

Change is in the air. We can feel it!  Certainly, it has been a long, cold winter and as the earth is awakening we are ready to reconnect.

My personal word for this new year is "alignment." Partially because I'm learning to live with newly diagnosed spine issues; but, also because the Year of the Earth Dog is a good time to find alignment in the universe.

I'm aligning my activities with my values and long term intent. I'm aligning my body with the rhythms of nature, the earth, and the universal Tao. I will be going through all the "things" in my life and surrendering attachment that throws me out of alignment.  Yes, this includes relationships - those with people, social media, time, and money.

You may have noticed I have changed a few things on this website. It's part of aligning with value and accessibility. Let me know if you are experiencing any lags in loading or other odd things.

I have decided to open up comments on this website for a while. Maybe we can add value with a conversation. Warning: "Seagulls" will be banned. If your comment doesn't add value or in any way is negative to constructive conversation, It will be deleted. Sadly, we have to have some structure these days.  I welcome all conversation and I think it will help to enliven this site.

A practice group will be starting at Pillager Lutheran Church in the next few weeks. I will also be doing practice groups at Gregory Park, Lum Park, and Kiwanis Park - weather permitting starting as soon as it's warm and dry enough.  Qigong along the river is amazing! You never know when you may find me there. As always, I'm looking for a good location for practice groups. Let me know if you have ideas!

Past students will still find their class materials on the password protected page. If  you have lost the link or password, please email me Lynn @ Lazytea.net

I do most of my "blogging" at JadeSquirrelQi.com

My new project for 2018 is the Crow Wing Holistic Journal - this is a slowly evolving endeavor that I'm truly looking forward to nurturing.



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