Qigong Practice Group

Everyone is welcome even if you’ve never experienced qigong before!

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No registration required
Free - ALL ages and abilities are welcome!
Bring water
Bring your own mat or cushion if you wish to be  on the floor. Chairs provided.

Contact Lynn 218-316-0586 if you have questions or wish to know more about practice group, classes, or Qigong

 Contact Lynn 218-316-0586 or email Jadesquirrelqi@gmail.com

What happens in a practice group?In a practice group we practice about 30 minutes of Spring Forest Qigong® active exercise and then we do a sitting meditation for 30 minutes.  While you are meditating I will send energy to you to help to balance your energy. We also have time for questions and help with your qigong practice.

"No mud - No lotus" --Thich Nhat Hanh

For your convenience copies of some books are available for purchase at the practice group, credit cards, cash (I might not have exact change though), check accepted.

For more books, DVDs, and a wealth of information visit the Spring Forest Qigong website 
I highly recommend becoming a guild member of Spring Forest Qigong

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