I am an incurable biography junkie. Spend any time with me and you are going to be asked questions about your life. Now, I'm well aware that not everyone has this intense interest in biography so, I asked my daughter, Jean, what should be on my "About" page.  She explained that the main thing she goes to an About page for is to see how old someone is, where they live, and what kind of dogs they have.

I began this earthwalk with that first auspicious breath in Minneapolis, Minnesota April 13 1959. I grew up in Spring Lake Park living in a small apartment behind the small grocery store that also served as an office for the family trailer park, rental cabins, and grandma's notary/paralegal practice. We also were the dispatch for the fire department and in the early 60's the village offices and Justice of the Peace chambers. I know there are a few who remember Zabel's at the intersection of Highways 10 & 65.

After a quick tour of Western North Carolina, I moved to Alaska where I lived for 35 years. After my husband moved on in his life, I decided it was time to bring my daughters Jean & Maybelle to the great midwest to be closer to family and different experiences. We now live in downtown Brainerd, Minnesota.

I have always have had herding dogs. Don't get me started. That's an entire website of it's own when I get the time to rebuild it Talyndogs.com

I have spent quite a bit of time delving into my own biography as well as the biography of others. So, I'm going to stop here. Always happy to answer questions via email.

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